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Coins: Pyramid or Poniz - Both? Neither?

published on Mar 10, 2014 Randomstrings Software

I have been pondering this at length -- Is bitcoin (or any of the alt-coins) a ponzi or pyramid scheme? Ponzi maybe, pyramid no. How can it be one with out the other? Read More

Electoral college versus popular vote

published on Nov 07, 2012 Randomstrings Voting

So, with the 2012 presidential election finally over, I'd like to discuss some of the things that I saw during the whole shebang... Read More

wow it's really been a while

published on Nov 05, 2012 Randomstrings

Hey guys, I'm went dark for quite some time apparently and I didn't really mean to let this much time passed since my last post.. Read More

2011, SWTOR, and iPad2

published on Jan 03, 2012 Randomstrings

I realize that it's been a while since I posted to my blog and it's something that I want to be better about in new year but it's very difficult for me to get excited about anything that's going on right now. Read More

Adobe software subscriptions -- Missed it by "that much"!

published on Aug 11, 2011 Randomstrings Adobe, Piracy, Software

Recently Adobe announced that they would be offering their software at rental subscription prices and I was excited!   What a great idea!!  But did they do it right?  I don't think so.. but they are so close! Read More

Replacing my cars computer with my own...

published on Apr 10, 2011 Randomstrings

I have a Mercedes CLK 350 and it's a pretty good car.   I'm fairly happy with it, but frankly I feel that the Mercedes COMAND system sucks and has to go..  Okay maybe "has to go" is a bit harsh, but it's sub par to be sure. Read More

15" Mac Book Pro!

published on Feb 09, 2011 Randomstrings Apple

I have been in the market for a new laptop for a while.  The primary machine I had was a Lenovo w500 and before that a Lenovo t42p..  But both of those machines were property of IBM, and to be honest.. crap.. Read More

Movie Review: Tron Legacy

published on Dec 17, 2010 Randomstrings Movie, Review

Easily one of my favorite movies as a kid, Tron was a movie that not only defined a generation but also began the monumental shift in the movie industry towards using computers as a tool.    Without Tron leading the way showing what could be done, many of the movies today would have never been made. Read More

Book Review: A Game of Thrones

published on Sep 26, 2010 Randomstrings Review

I don't normally do book reviews but this book was so good I had to make an exception..   This book is easily some of the best candy I have had in a long time... Read More

I kill a lot of harddrives

published on Sep 14, 2010 Randomstrings

I swear every 5 or 6 months, I have another dead harddrive. It's not like I hate them or anything. I just can't keep them alive.  Read More

Earth to jason...

published on Aug 13, 2010 Randomstrings

Someone asked me the other day why I hadn't posted a new ramble in a while..  I don't really have a good excuse other than to say, work is killing me.. Read More

Hardware Review: Nook e-reader

published on Apr 19, 2010 Randomstrings Review

So I have been in the market for an e-reader for a while.  I do a lot of reading and thought it would be darn handy to have a single device that could carry multiple books, and have the ability to order new books at any time, anywhere. Read More

Get ready to pay more for bandwidth...

published on Apr 07, 2010 Randomstrings

Most gamers typically play games online, download expansions or other forms of DLC, watch hulu, stream music..etc.. generally speaking, use more bandwidth than your average user who just browses the occasional website or checks email. Read More

Hardware Review: Nexus One

published on Jan 10, 2010 Randomstrings Review

I was tired of my original iPhone and that would be getting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 when it came out some time later this year.   That was before I heard/read about Google's offering; the Nexus One. Read More

Hardware Review: Lightscribe CD/DVD Burners

published on Nov 16, 2009 Randomstrings Review

Back in 2004 Hewlett-Packard engineer Daryl Anderson had the notion that if you can burn data on to a disc, why couldn't use use that same technology to burn the label?  And thus the LightScribe burner was born.. Read More

Games Workshop -- Warhammer Fantasy: The new Skaven

published on Nov 15, 2009 Randomstrings Warhammer

I have been a Skaven player since the early 1990's.  They were the second fantasy army I got into after Orcs & Goblins.  Once I found the blessing of the horned rat however, my love of all things green didn't last very long..   The Skaven were here to stay! Read More

Xperia X10: My next phone?

published on Nov 07, 2009 Randomstrings

On June 27th, 2007 (shortly after I got married) the iPhone came out.. I sort of waffled back and forth as to whether or not to get the iPhone or the N95..  Read More

Hardware Review: Sony DR-BT21G Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

published on Nov 02, 2009 Randomstrings Review

In 1994 Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson has a stroke of genius when they invented the personal area networking (PAN) protocol known today as Bluetooth for Ericsson phones.   By the year 2000 it was pretty widely known that Bluetooth was something hot! Read More

Happy Halloween 2009

published on Nov 01, 2009 Randomstrings Melissa

The annual Halloween bash that my friend and his wife put on was a success!   Every year my friend Calvin and his wife go NUTS with Halloween..  Read More

Hardware Review: Razer Mamba -- What a piece of shit!

published on Oct 09, 2009 Rants!, Randomstrings Review

Let me be clear here -- this mouse is the biggest piece of shit, I have ever.. and I mean.. EVER used.. Read More

Hardware Review: Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

published on Oct 01, 2009 Randomstrings Review

I have to admit I like Logitech.  Their hardware is always good.  I find their software is a little bloated and doesn't always deliver but I can't fault the hardware at all.. Read More

Carl Sagan - A Glorious Dawn

published on Sep 28, 2009 Randomstrings

The following is a wonderful and fitting tribute to Carl Sagan created by John Boswell over at ColorPulse Music. Read More

1055 Miles, on two wheels

published on Sep 25, 2009 Randomstrings Roadtrip, Motorcycle

So my father turned 68 this year.  I thought it would be a nice gift to give him my tractor lawn mower and a few other items that I knew he could use that I simply no longer needed.   The main issue was getting the tractor to him.. Read More

Back from Blizzcon 2009

published on Aug 24, 2009 Randomstrings

Well the wife and I are back from Blizzcon..  I have to admit she had a pretty good idea of going and now that we have gone and come back I'm glad we did it.. Read More

Movie Review: District 9

published on Aug 15, 2009 Randomstrings Review

My initial reaction to District 9, upon the movie ending was to say -- and I quote; "What the fuck was that?!"  I sort of felt like my soul had just been raped, and I was just beginning to feel the crush of information as I processed the movie I had just watched.. Read More

28" HDMI Monitor

published on Aug 14, 2009 Randomstrings Review

So Tigerdirect was having a hell of a deal on something I have sorta wanted for  a while...   I have been playing games, programming, and generally tooling around on a 20" wide screen monitor for years now. Read More

Ork Dip! The 10 minute paint job...

published on Jun 07, 2009 Randomstrings Warhammer

So I am going to be entering in a 40k tournament in August.  I'll be entering as an Ork player and have been tuning and playing various lists in preparation..   I have a lot left to do though..  Read More

Cruise Photos

published on Apr 03, 2009 Randomstrings

So I have been asked repeatedly when am I going to get these photos posted.. I have to apologize that its taken this long.. My only real excuse is that I'm lazy.. Read More

Mercedes-Benz CLK350

published on Mar 22, 2009 Randomstrings

So I have been in a the market for a new car for a while now.  I haven't really pushed for it with my wife because neither one of us really wanted a car payment and my truck, while almost 10 years old, worked just fine. Read More

Software Review: Windows 7 Beta

published on Feb 05, 2009 Randomstrings Review

I'm generally slow to change operating systems..  When it comes to making one of those sweeping changes, traditionally I was the equivalent of an old man on his porch yelling for "you kids to get off my lawn!"   I was a curmudgeon and quite often would refuse to budge. Read More

World of Warcraft, #134 Error -- Fixed

published on Jan 30, 2009 Randomstrings

It's fixed!  The dreaded 134 Error is no more!   And for the most part the Blizzard tech support people are completely worthless.. But I get ahead of myself. Read More

World of Warcraft and Error #134

published on Dec 22, 2008 Randomstrings

The Blue Mods at the Blizzard World of Warcraft forums asked me to post about my problems so I did... again.. Read More

Knowledge: When to use semicolon.

published on Aug 12, 2008 Randomstrings Educational

The semicolon is a simple piece of punctuation, much easier to work with than the comma because it follows fairly clear rules.  If you learn the two simple rules explained here, you'll rarely go wrong.  It has two main uses, which are both easy to identify. Read More

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

published on Jul 17, 2008 Randomstrings

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is LEGEN-DARY! (er.. sorry.. wrong show).. Joss Whedon put together this little internet mini-series during the writers strike and its really very good. Read More

I can play the radio...

published on Jul 07, 2008 Hobbies, Randomstrings

... and that's about it. When I was in middle and high school I was in band and played everything from the trombone to the baritone and tuba but my musical aspirations sorta died there. So it's not that I don't have skill, or that I can't learn -- I just haven't. Read More

3G iPhone

published on Jun 12, 2008 Randomstrings Review

There is no two ways about it, Steve Jobs is a pretty smart fellow, and the latest iPhone hotness just proves it. Read More

It's been a year already?!

published on Jun 02, 2008 Randomstrings Marriage

So I can't believe I have been married for a year already! A whole year has gone by in the blink of an eye! It must be magic, cause it really went by fast and everything is still peachy.. Read More

I'm a software guy...

published on Apr 16, 2008 Randomstrings Review

I have discovered as I have gotten older, and more experienced in the ways of computing that I just don't care what operating system I use. I'm a software guy... Read More

A bots route to localhost

published on Jan 24, 2008 Randomstrings

Recently my server came under what I can only describe as an attack. Clearly some poorly written bot was trying to slurp emails or some such and was sucking up bandwidth by repeatedly loading the same loop of pages. Read More

iPhone, it's not all hype

published on Jan 22, 2008 Randomstrings Review

As some of my close friends know, I have been shopping for a new cellphone for a while now. And those same folks will tell you that not just any phone will do, I very much prefer a "convergence device." Read More

Ubuntu, Wine and World of Warcraft

published on Jan 20, 2008 Randomstrings, Hobbies

I am far from a linux "fanboi", in fact until recently I didn't really use linux all that much at all.. All of my games are played in WindowsXP simply because there really is no other option... or is there? Read More

My kitty Babie

published on Jan 18, 2008 Randomstrings Babie

Yesterday was a hard day. Even now I get a lump in my throat thinking about it. Yesterday my long time pet, companion and friend died. She had been suffering for a while, and it was finally time to stop that suffering and let her rest. A hard day indeed. Read More

Gutsy > Windows and Portal

published on Oct 11, 2007 Randomstrings

At work I use just about nothing but Linux.  Even my IBM issued laptop is dual-bootable.. The Linux of choice I have gone with is Ubuntu.. Read More

Upgrading Woes

published on Aug 22, 2007 Randomstrings

Recently I decided it was time to upgrade both my blogging software, and my forum software.  Both are quite far behind the times, and lacking some features I'd very much like to have. Read More

Mental Note: Boiling oil = HOT!

published on Aug 12, 2007 Randomstrings

So I got it into my head today that I'd like to make some falafel.. my finger didn't thank me. Read More

Whats new...

published on Jun 18, 2007 Randomstrings

It's been a while since I have posted.. and not a lot has changed.. Pretty much nothing of any importance that I can think of..

Read More

Pulling weeds in my big ass yard

published on Mar 12, 2007 Randomstrings

1 Acre = 4047 Square Meters 1 Acre = 4640 Square Yards 1 Acre = 41260 Square Feet 1 Acre = 8*80 gallon bags of weeds 1 Acre = A very very sore Jason

Read More

Vegas Baby!

published on Mar 02, 2007 Randomstrings

Well we just got back from a three day in Vegas.. It was really only about 48 hours all together and I must admit, I'm glad to be home. Read More

IE7's JSFoo sucks so badly it's painful!

published on Jan 19, 2007 Randomstrings

Since I work for IBM, I can't officially say that IE sucks in my code comments -- someone complained.. Read More

Homebrew Rapid Prototyping

published on Jan 13, 2007 Randomstrings

In the words of a friend.. "Santa clause machines are cool.." and I can't agree more. Read More

Home Depot kicks ass!

published on Jan 06, 2007 Randomstrings, Hobbies

Home Depot kicks ass - they make things simple and good, even when they could have easily turned me away. Read More

Sky Diving

published on Dec 21, 2004 Randomstrings Experience

I got to do something that was literally above and beyond the range of the word cool. I got to jump out of an airplane at 14,000 ft. Read More