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I want to be rich! So I am willing to take risks..

published on Apr 25, 2018 Rants!

There's this radical notion that people who earned money by taking the risk to get it, shouldn't be allowed to keep what they earned and some how they are being greedy for wanting to.. uh.. wut? Read More

Software Developer Burnout... I suffered it.

published on May 15, 2017 Rants!

I'm sure every industry has some version of developer burnout but with folks in software it's extremely bad, and it takes months if not years to come back.. if they ever do. Read More

Out of time, Site Future Plans, Life Goals, Etc..

published on Dec 01, 2016 Rants!

Well, it's that time again. Time for me to talk about how I never post any more and how I have no time. Life is super busy, I'm doing too many things, I need to find time. etc.. Feh.. These are all lies. Read More

Democratic Socialism

published on Feb 29, 2016 Rants! Democratic socialism

I feel that this socialism road people are trying to take us down will have a very bad ending... Read More

Don't buy anything from Ubisoft...

published on Aug 19, 2011 Rants! Bs, Drm, Piracy, Ubisoft

If you buy just about any product and have an issue with that product, you have a reasonable expectation of being able to take that product back and get a replacement. Not with software. Read More

Hostgator Really Sucks...

published on Jun 20, 2011 Rants!

I have moved my hosting off Hostgator because frankly, they suck.   My site was suffering repeated down times, crashes, database disconnects, SSH daemon crashes/hangups, ..etc.. Read More

I don't vote...

published on Nov 02, 2010 Rants! Voting

So as a general rule, I don't vote.  I don't vote, and it's my right to do so.  Leave me alone.  Stop harassing me with mindless slogans and social pressure. I choose, to not choose. Read More

I hate people...

published on Sep 15, 2010 Rants!

Acting obnoxiously on the internet is not only rude, but it's a cowardly act and you're pathetic if you behave that way.. How about you try something new for once..  Be nice.. Read More

15yr Citibank member says; Fuck you Citibank

published on Jun 29, 2010 Rants!

Well the other day I went to pay off my card and I noticed that they bumped my APR to 29.998%...   Are you fucking kidding me?  30% APR is highway robbery.. I called them up and asked them to lower my rate and they refused..  Read More

Ubisoft and their DRM

published on Mar 08, 2010 Games, Rants! Ubisoft, Drm

When will companies learn that their draconian efforts to prevent piracy only serves to hurt their paying customers which directly affects their bottom line!! Read More

I hate Apple fanboys

published on Feb 21, 2010 Rants!

I understand brand loyalty, but Apple fanatics take it to extremes..  Buying something just because it has an Apple logo on the side is ludicrous.. Read More

Buy gold!!! (Just not right now.. )

published on Jan 05, 2010 Rants!

So there are a lot of people, some famous, trying to get you to buy gold..  While I was in the car dealership the other day in the waiting area they had the TV playing and there was something like 10 different gold resellers trying to convince us that NOW is the time to buy gold.. Read More

Hardware Review: Razer Mamba -- What a piece of shit!

published on Oct 09, 2009 Rants!, Randomstrings Review

Let me be clear here -- this mouse is the biggest piece of shit, I have ever.. and I mean.. EVER used.. Read More

God I hate planes

published on Aug 20, 2009 Rants!

Dear god but I hate flying on major airlines. It's just not happy fun time for me. Read More

Offensive footwear!

published on Aug 06, 2009 Rants!

So a co-worker of mine showed up wearing what, at the time, I could only describe as "glove shoes".  They are sort of like water socks, where each toe has its own sleeve to fit in. Read More

World of Warcraft and PETA

published on Apr 13, 2009 Rants!

So, on Saturday the 11th of April, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) held an awareness gathering in World of Warcraft where they killed four quest NPC's as a form of protest for the unethical killing of seals in real life. Read More

2009 Penny Redesign

published on Apr 06, 2009 Rants!

So I wasn't terribly shocked to find a brand new penny in my hand upon receiving change for the breakfast I purchased this morning..  I was however shocked to see that they have been completely redesigned!! Read More

25man Malygos

published on Jan 18, 2009 Rants!

So we have been playing a LOT of World of Warcraft of late.  I must admit I'm very much enjoying it for the most part.  But we have gotten to the point where we are farming the end game content because by and large, it's way too easy. Read More

Jack Tompson has been disbarred

published on Oct 30, 2008 Rants!

So, the infamous anti-gaming crusader Jack Thompson has finally met his match in the form of the Florida Supreme Court who this week permanently disbarred him while in the background the announcer yelled "headshot" for all to see his shame.. Read More

Windows XP Sp.3 ... "Access Denied!"

published on Sep 15, 2008 Rants!

 "Updates are ready for your computer.  Click here to download these updates. " But don't expect Windows XP to actually know how to install them. Read More

I hate commercial airplanes

published on Aug 12, 2008 Rants!

I used to think I hated traveling in general, but the more I ponder it the more I realize that I like to travel. ... I just don't like to fly commercial. Read More

OH dear god.. EW!

published on Jun 19, 2008 Rants!

I go on a lot of walks here in my neighborhood in order to unwind for the day.  I also like to delude myself and say its exercise but lets be honest, 3 miles every other day aint going to do much. Read More

Spore Porn *sigh*

published on Jun 18, 2008 Games, Rants!

Spore is a multi-genre massively single-player online game designed by Will Wright and has drawn quite a lot of attention due to its massive scope and open ended game play. Read More

Front Towards Enemy!

published on May 14, 2008 Games, Rants!

So, nothing bothers me more about Call of Duty 4 than how it and every other game, movie and .. media of choice .. misrepresent the Claymore mine. Read More

Video games make me do bad things!

published on Feb 25, 2008 Games, Rants!

So yet another campus shooting is in the headlines. And yet again people are yelling that video games are the problem! What a complete crock of shit.. Read More

Subluxation: A Chiropractic crock of shit!

published on Jan 25, 2008 Rants! Subluxation

Subluxation is a real medical term, it is an incomplete or partial dislocation of a joint or an organ. As such if you have a subluxation, a dislocated joint or organ, you need to seek real medical attention. Read More

Games should be fun

published on Nov 05, 2007 Games, Rants!

I fear that so many new games that are being created by small developers, like Infinity Earth, are so against creating what they call a "WoW clone" that they aren't willing to even look at some of the stuff that WoW did right. Read More

How dare you judge!

published on Aug 13, 2007 Rants! Abortion

So near where I work there is a Planned Parenthood facility. It’s in a quiet little area in a very tasteful building not hurting anyone.

Read More

More RIAA Thuggery

published on May 09, 2007 Rants! Riaa

I maintain that the RIAA are a bunch of thugs and bullies with nothing better to do than harass not only you the consumer, but the artists themselves by using litigious threats and terrorist tactics to get their way. Read More

Tipping is a gratuity!

published on Apr 10, 2007 Rants!

I really hate how in America today, and most likely the world wide, tipping is required. Tipping is no longer a gratuity... Read More

Elevator Etiquette

published on Mar 12, 2007 Rants!

For anyone who has ever in their life previously, or may at some point in the future, use a vertical assention device - a.k.a. an Elevator.. This rant is for you! Read More

Six figures for a domain?!

published on Feb 14, 2007 Rants!

As some of you know, I was the creator of Palavista.com Read More

The RIAA .. Pissing on the masses

published on Jan 22, 2007 Rants! Riaa

So.. yet again the RIAA has decided to sue someone.. I know, shocking.. The RIAA, is suing XM for offering a device that allows people to record songs off the XM satellite service. Read More

Goddamn I hate people..

published on Jan 18, 2007 Rants!

Some redneck jackass gets in behind me and is flashing his lights while tailgating.. Clearly I'm not going fast enough for him. Read More

Fry's strikes again!

published on Jan 04, 2007 Rants!

I'd rather have higher prices on products that actually work, rather than deal with your shit Fry's.. Read More

Faith is a contradiction

published on Dec 21, 2006 Rants!

Faith is a device of self delusion, a slight of hands done with words and emotions founded on any irrational notion that can be dreamed up. Faith is the attempt to coerce truth to surrender to whim. Read More

I hate my legs

published on Dec 19, 2006 Rants!

I absolutely hate my legs. Not in the typical woman, "my legs are fat" or "I have tube legs" sort of way, but rather in the "I have severe restless leg syndrome (active leg syndrome) and I think they are trying to kill me" sort of way.. Read More

Creativity in modern games

published on Jan 02, 2005 Rants!

One of the main issues with games today is that they are all striving very hard to simulate reality. Read More

Ambivalent about people

published on Jan 01, 2005 Rants!

Sometimes I wish I were alone, out in space.. A lone trader.. Just trying to make a living.. Not bothering anyone.. More to the point, not being bothered.. Read More

T-Mobile's Stellar Service

published on Jan 02, 2004 Rants!

T-Mobile used to be a damn good mobile carrier, but their service is starting to suck. Their customer service people lie, are generally rude, and talk down to you. Read More

Ebay Bidding...

published on Jan 02, 2004 Rants!

I am not financial wiz-kid here. Infact, ever since my girl friend moved in, I have pushed all financial responsibility off on to her. Hey it's what she does for a living, and she's pretty good at it. Read More

I hate advertising...

published on Jan 02, 2003 Rants!

Everywhere I turn.. Advertising! It's everywhere! Right now, thanks to that damn "sober" virus out of Germany, I'm getting a crapload of German spam! Read More

Being called a racist...

published on Oct 25, 2001 Rants!

I refused to judge a person based on their race.. but in turn was judged and called a racist. Read More

Our generations Pearl Harbor?

published on Sep 11, 2001 Rants!

What has been solved today? Oh yeah.. You sure showed us.. What was the point? Why did thousands of people have to die? what were you trying to prove? Read More

Software Piracy

published on Jan 02, 2001 Rants!

I got into another Software Piracy debate today.. People just don't get it. As a programmer that makes his living off the software that he writes; Its a tough thing to be stolen from in that manner. Read More