Rockband 3.. *Gleeeee*

Published on Sep 14, 2010 Games « Prev Next »

Rockband 3

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this is going to be..  I’m so stoked.. And I have to say, I totally called it!!   Or at the very least I wished for it really, really hard over a year ago..  I know they have been working to get to this point for years, but I want to take credit!  haha

Firstly –  Watch this video that Engadget posted today:


(Link to full story)

I am SO very proud of Harmonix..  They have the vision to follow this thing through to the final conclusion.. You guys ROCK!   Even if the end product is only so so, it still will go a really long way towards a musical reawakening..  I can’t wait!!

This “game” will be the next hot ticket you watch.. I put game in quotes because this sucker is transcending game, and becoming something much more..  I really believe everyone will buy this thing, and it will sell like crazy cause suddenly not only will video game enthusiasts buy it for the pure fun of it, but would-be musicians and music teachers alike will use it as a training tool!!!  Awesome sauce.. They just doubled their potential user base..  Probably more really..

My only concern at this point is screen real estate..  Now they have Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboard…  Going to be darn hard to fit much more in there unless they start having guitar and bass share a single track or something.. (totally doable..)

I also seriously hope they have a pro-piano mode like the pro-guitar mode promised..   I have a full sized Yamaha keyboard (that I have talked about before) with midi that is just beginning me to play it..  Either way I’ll get to learn to play a guitar one way or the other and have fun doing it..  Just awesome..

I’m so stoked.. I can’t wait to get my hands on this and begin learning..  Thanks Harmonix.