Apr 2018 20

Site Redesign and Restlessness

Software development

Yet another vast block of time has gone by. Life continues apace and I continue to ignore my blog / diary. I realize now that this blog is nothing more than a modern diary, and not really anything else. I treat it as such anyway.

I really want to do so many things here though. Back in the day I made these really cool and clever animated sites and I loved it but I got away with that and have been boring ever since. I still want to do those things.. I liked doing all that 3D work and enjoyed making those cool sites but wow the time it took was pretty vast and now that I'm older I have so many other things I could be doing haha.

Having said that, I get this creative restlessness that makes me want to do something... ANYTHING! but then I realize I have zero creativity and am not able to come up with anything and it eats at me.. There are days that I'm pretty unpleasant to be around simply because I have this ball of angst in the pit of my stomach because I feel like I need to create.. and can't. I have to settle for doing something less useful and less creative just to get something done. Like, writing an entry.. or fixing a link or updating a footer ..etc..

Even then I screw things up. Like the pagination on my blog is broken. If you go to the end there are several "pages" that are empty.. bleh. I have been meaning to turn this whole thing into a static JSON site but haven't gotten around to it. Again, no time, no creative juices, too much other shit going on. I will fix it eventually.

I tried ot update to the latest version of Jekyll and .. wow.. Broke the world! Reverted that until I can figure out why literally EVERYTHING is broken.

I really like the idea of making the entire site work like a windows desktop that would allow me to plant easter eggs and games.. etc.. I still want to make a game.. SO MUCH WANT TO MAKE A GAME!

Hell I even want to recreate Zork or Adventure or other text games in the site just for funzies. I thought about trying to make a static blog / json M.U.D. just to see if I could. I thought about it long and hard and I actually think I could pull it off with sockets and clever JSON design. Maybe one day. Maybe it's here already and you just haven't figured out how to lauch it yet.

My plane continues going and I recently ordered the fuselage so that's cool. I get to build more and more! yay! plus it's cool having folks watch me. I dunno why that keeps me motivated but it does.

I got a really nice trailer for $600! Super excited about that. I needed a way to transport things now that I have a jeep instead of a truck and getting a trailer made sense. But the trailer I wanted was over a thousand dollars. In fact, it was listed Lowes website for $1499. I went to lowes to look at it and it was on sale.. for $599. It was clearly mismarked, and in a line of other smaller trailers that were obviously the $599 trailers, but this one had the $599 sticker on it. I asked the guy about it and he said, yeah that was correct. I asked if he was sure, and he said yes.

The same trailer was in another row marked to $1299 so I'm just about 100% sure this thing was mismarked.. I'm not complaining. Sometimes you win! I tried to do the right thing and it paid off.

Not sure how I'm going to afford the engine for the plane yet... if someone wants to fund my plane let me know =)

Okay back to the grind. I have been writing some software for my wifes work and it's taking all my time. I have put a LOT of time into it so far and I have a long way to go.