Category: Software development

Site Redesign and Restlessness

published on Apr 20, 2018 Software development

Sometimes I get this restlessness in my core that makes me want to do something creative, but then I realize I have no creative abilities! Read More

Livable Wages and Unreasonable Client Expectations

published on Aug 18, 2015 Software development Business

I work in an industry that demands highly skilled laborers but are constantly bombarded by accusations of greed or people that scoff as the costs. Plumbers make more! Read More

Modifying Jekyll to track my RV-10 Build Log! Sorta...

published on Feb 07, 2015 Software development Ruby, Jekyll

I started writing a special custom plugin that would allow me to have a new post type but the more I got into it the more I realized it would take a massive rewrite of the entire jekyll stack to make this happen.. So I cheated.. Read More

Sometimes you just have to fire a client

published on Jan 08, 2015 Software development Business

Most people don't really think of clients as "fireable", including clients themselves... Think again. Sometimes the best thing a company can do is get rid of that problem client by giving them the boot. Read More

Hardware Review: Oculus Rift

published on Dec 30, 2013 Software development, Hobbies Review, Hardware 1

After my first 48 hours with the Oculus Rift; Holy crap. It's awesome. Not perfect by any stretch of the meaning, but as developer kits go it's impressive as hell. Once the final consumer version comes out, you should get one. Read More

State of the Industry Concerns

published on Dec 10, 2013 Software development

When your software goes from 'magic' to just another tool in your toolbox that you fully understand, then you can call yourself an expert. Until then, you have some learning to do. Read More

Software Development Costs

published on Dec 06, 2013 Software development Costs

You get what you pay for and people some how refuse to learn that lesson with software. Read More

Semantic UI

published on Sep 14, 2013 Software development Ux

It's time to remove the often obtuse vocabulary overhead required by certain UI frameworks Read More

Google chrome reload options

published on Apr 02, 2013 Software development

Today I found that if you have the developer tools open and click / hold the refresh button you are given different refresh options. Read More

Blogging like its 1999!

published on Feb 01, 2013 Software development Ruby

I have officially adopted Jekyll as my blogging solution, holy crap.. I love it. Read More

RubyPress Wordpress Replacement

published on Mar 26, 2012 Software development Ruby, Ruby on rails, Wordpress

So a while back I had thought my WordPress install was getting exploited through some bug and decided I wanted to write my own replacement... Read More

My own custom blogging software

published on Nov 03, 2011 Software development

As many of you know, I am very much my own special kind of nerd.  I enjoy doing many a'geeky thing that others wouldn't even dream of.  To be honest, I think all software engineers have to be a bit brain damaged just to do their job. Read More

Grid Computing and BOINC

published on Mar 13, 2011 Hobbies, Software development Boinc

I really like the idea of community computing, or grid computing..  I've always thought it was a damn good idea and I always try to leave one running. Read More

Lost in the woods of C#

published on Jul 03, 2010 Software development

I'm really kind of frustrated at the general lack of helpful input from other people on the internet when it comes to trying to learn a new programming language..  Read More

Delphi like IDE/VCL for Javascript, written in javascript

published on Oct 03, 2009 Software development Jquery

So something that I have been pondering is the creation of a rapid application framework/IDE similar to Delphi for javascript, in javascript..  Bear with me..  Read More

jQuery and Browser based games

published on Mar 20, 2009 Software development

I have been playing with the jQuery animate functionality a bit today and it occurred to me that jQuery would likely be the perfect library to build a browser based game on top of.. Read More

jQuery Lightbox

published on Mar 11, 2009 Software development

I have been playing with the javascript library jQuery for a couple days now.. My intent is to learn the ins and out's of it for a project at work.  So far I like what I am seeing. Read More

IBM and Agile Programming

published on Jul 13, 2008 Software development

So I have been pretty busy of late. Work has been on endless "crunch" period which promises to continue in this vein for the time being. It's not fun. In fact, I'm a little burned out -- No big deal though.. these things tend to cure themselves after a time.. Read More

Web based games

published on Jun 30, 2008 Games, Software development

So I find I have been playing quite a few web based games of late. And just about all of them has brought to the fore of my mind the glaring fact that there is nothing they have done that I can't do. Seriously. Read More

Javascript Obfuscation

published on Jun 25, 2008 Software development Javascript

Code obfuscators will strip out the unnecessary characters like white space, tabs, newlines and comments.. but that's not all. Read More

Which format to use; Gif, Jpeg, Png

published on Jun 23, 2008 Software development

I was asked today what my professional opinion was with regards to which graphical format to use in web design. I pondered it a bit and it occurred to me that this was a very misleading question, and showed an error in thinking. Read More

Big5 to UTF-8 on Chinese Windows

published on May 01, 2007 Software development

Microsoft has yet again been a source of pain for me.. And let me say that I find it amusing that English windows does unicode better than Chinese windows.. How is that even possible?! Read More

Programming, and Me

published on Dec 21, 2006 Software development Experience

I first started programming on the Commodore Vic-20.. That was back in the days of hand assembling 6502 opcodes and calculating branch offsets in my head.. And I wonder why I'm brain damaged.. Read More