SU-152 Tank Destroyer

published on May 22, 2011 Hobbies 3d graphics, Tank

I have been playing a lot of World of Tanks lately and I liked the look of the SU-152 so much, I thought I'd model one up! Read More

40k Grot Tanks

published on Nov 14, 2010 Hobbies 3d graphics

So for giggles I have been doing some Modo work this weekend.   Warhammer 40k Grot Tanks amuse me so I thought it would be fun to make one in 3D.. Read More

Tau Hammerhead in 3D

published on Dec 26, 2006 Hobbies 3d graphics, Tank

I frequently troll various 3D forums and just about always come away with a feeling of inadequacy.. There are quite a lot of extremely talented folks in the 3D field, and I often dream of being one. Read More