Thorim is hard! Don't nurf him blizzard!

Published on May 04, 2009 Games « Prev Next »

The Stormlord Thorin

Yep.. This is a World of Warcraft post.. And one in which I plan to complain to Blizzard about the recent rounds of nurfing.. But firstly let me say that Thorim is dead!  Long live Thorim.

My guild on Whisperwind is now only the second horde guild to kill Thorim in Ulduar.  He’s a VERY tough fight.  I love it.  It took 25 people with their heads on a swivel, 100% focused with zero screw ups to make it happen.  (And even then it took us 17 tries.)

But we killed him and it was glorious!  It was an extremely difficult fight and I’m sure everyone will have a fun time with it..    Until they nurf him, of course.   Blizzard has taken it into their heads to nurf all the hard content and I wish they would STOP!

Blizzard, stop nurfing the stuff in Ulduar.  As hard as he is, he’s doable. Don’t change it!  Let us scale to the instance instead of bringing the instance down to us.. He’s just right the way he is!

He’s doable..  Just as Ignis, Razorscale and Deconstructor were doable before you nurfed the hell out of them.  (Okay, Ignis had a bug with people in the pot.. fine that sucked, but he was still doable.. )

They were hard mobs that people bitched about so you caved and made them a cake walk!  You even nurfed the Ignis trash mobs to the point of pointlessness.. I mean why even have them in there?  They werent that hard to begin with..  Why are you doing this?!

I read that some guilds couldn’t even get to Ignis cause the trash was wiping them, then the issue is with the guild – not the mobs.  Stop caving..

Don’t  you understand that we don’t want another Naxx?  I mean seriously my guild can do 25man Naxx in a little over 2 hours.. it’s boring.. I’m sure really top notch guild can do it faster..  It’s not fun when you have the content on farm status so quickly.

After the first round of nurfs, you guys went on and nurfed the Antechamber to the point where we one shot everyone.  Auriaya still takes some finesse but she’s cake compared to how she first was.. Kologarn and Iron councel are a joke..

I fully expect you to nurf the keepers next.  Freya isn’t hard, again just a finesse issue but I’m sure you will reduce her spawns..   We usually drop her on the second or third attempt.  Good times!

Hodir we one shotted the first time we went in there, he’s stupidly easy yet I bet he’ll get nurfed even more.. We don’t even use frost resist gear.. sheesh.. this guy needs a buff not a nurf..

We haven’t tried 25 man Mimiron yet.. I’m told that it’s another gloriously difficult fight.. gleee  I just hope we can get in there and give it a go before he gets pummeled with the nurf bat..

Long story short.. stop making the content easier.  It’s supposed to be hard!  What’s the point of making top notch content only to then nurf it so that anyone can do it.. Believe it or not it’s going to drive players away from your game.. and you don’t want that..  Let the players scale up their performance to the point where they can do the content.. Don’t bring the content down to players who have no business being in there..