Vegas Baby!

Published on Mar 02, 2007 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

Well we just got back from a three day in Vegas.. It was really only about 48 hours all together and I must admit, I’m glad to be home.

Vegas has really gone to hell.. I mean it was always a seedy pit, but it’s gotten much worse of late it seems.. It’s so massively over crowded.. It’s impossible to walk anywhere without being shoulder to shoulder with folks you most likely don’t want anything to do with..

And the number of “porn flapper drones” on the street was stunning.. Every five feet there was some guy trying to hand out little porn fliers, and he would flap them against one another so they would make a snap noise, and then shove it into your gut .. Do these things work?! Firstly.. I dont want anything that some drone on the street is trying to hand me.. AND does these people not see that I’m walking with a woman?! I’m probably not going to be interested in porn at that moment.. thanks..

We did get to see some neat stuff.. We went and saw the Shark Reef exhibit at Mandalay bay and it was nice. Crowded, and short.. but a very cool view of the undersea world..

We also saw Bodies the Exhibition at the Tropicana and let me tell you, it was stunning.. VERY long.. but awesome.. Humans are in fact, made of meat.

However, the pinnacle of the visit turned out to be the show we saw on the night before we came home. We got to see the Cirque Du Soleil show, Kà at the MGM Grand. It was more than impressive. A very good show and I recommend it. However, I would say that the $69.95 nose bleed seats aren’t the way to go.. But since the trip as a whole was meant to be done on the cheap, It was okay.

Easily the worst part of the trip was the flight to and from Vegas.. Both were so turbulent that I nearly lost my lunch.. I hate planes.. On the way home they had to pull the plane back to the gate after we had pushed back to replace something that had broken.. Nothing instills confidence more than knowing you have fresh parts, on your broken plane..

All in all I had fun.. it was a fun trip but Vegas isn’t what I remember it being..