Video games make me do bad things!

Published on Feb 25, 2008 Games, Rants! « Prev Next »

So yet another campus shooting is in the headlines. And yet again people are yelling that video games are the problem! What a complete crock of shit.. Most of these people are extremely religious and they fail to see the irony in what they are saying – but I get ahead of myself.

I myself worship regularly at the house of frag and am a semi-well adjusted person with no aspirations to murder.. I have yet to kill anyone in real life because of some voices in my head spawned by the games that I play.. I’m pretty sure if I play the DVD backwards I wont find Satan’s secret message (I think that would be giving EA or Activision too much credit..) Just as I’m pretty sure playing a game wont make me want to murder someone or confuse my sense of right and wrong.

What amazes me is the human beings inclination to lay blame. Someone did something awful and we must immediately blame something or someone! Of course, we can’t blame the parents for their sloppy job, nor can we blame the individual that actually committed the crime – no no, that would hit too close to home and imply that people are responsible for their actions.. We can’t have that.. I mean thats just crazy talk.. No something else must be the cause, that way we can all go on and not take responsibility for any of our actions.

Clearly some influence in his life made him go out and kill people! gasp He played a game once while listening to rap music while wearing his D&D hat!


I’d love to see the comparison of the number of people killed by video games, rap music and D&D combined, versus the number of people killed by religion. That would be amusing, and yet wouldn’t do a damn thing towards making these hypocrites shut the fuck up.

They always want to blame video games, music, D&D, or some other activity rather than looking at the simple facts;

The individual was disturbed and had suicidal intentions – period. Often when someone is wanting to commit suicide they will go to extreme lengths to make sure that they go through with it. In this case, it was to take a gun to school and shoot a bunch of classmates. It sucks, it’s awful, it happens. It’s no ones fault other than the individual that took the action.

Blaming a video game, even an ultra violent one, for someones actions is as crazy as saying “God made me do it!”