Web based games

Published on Jun 30, 2008 Games, Software development « Prev Next »

So I find I have been playing quite a few web based games of late. And just about all of them has brought to the fore of my mind the glaring fact that there is nothing they have done that I can’t do. Seriously. More over, I think I can do it better in just about every way.

One of the games I find myself playing is a space game which, to be fair, isn’t very good – in fact it’s bad. It’s just not a very good game, yet for some reason I find myself continuing to play it – as does a lot of other folks. It’s strangely popular. While playing at just about every turn I see things that could not only be done a little better, but done WAY better. Not just game play wise, but technically as well. Their HTML is bad, they clearly don’t understand CSS and their PHP is poorly written (from what I can tell.) So, this of course always lead me to the line of thinking that, why shouldn’t I try to make my own?

I have a lot of irons in the fire right now so it would happen after I get the WPMU thing up and working, but if they can make a popular game, and it’s in that condition – anything I make should be at least as popular.

I want to make a game, everyone knows that. I want to make a space game, most know that too. I already have some ideas as to the game itself, but the majority of the time my idea was to make a game in C/C++/Java or some other language than the one that I’m familiar with.

I think this outlines a colossal error in my thinking.. I’m a professional developer of web applications.. I consider myself to be an expert in php, javascript, xhtml, css, etc.. I should use those, since its what I know. It’s only a minor rewrite of my core ideas to make them come inline with a web based game.

The hard part will be figuring out the specifics.. I mean web based games by their very nature are turn based games so this is the paradigm you’re stuck with.. if I can adopt my ideas to a turn based game then we are good to go!

I’d love to see a Masters of Orion like game made into a web based game, but how would that work? That game has a definite start and end to it and it seems to me that most games that work that would would tend towards alienating your players every time the game “ends” and restarts..

I almost lean towards a persistent world where by the game doesn’t end, it just continues on.

I’ll have to ponder this.. I’m pretty keen on it.