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Published on Jun 18, 2007 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

It’s been a while since I have posted.. and not a lot has changed.. Pretty much nothing of any importance that I can think of..

Oh well.. yeah I did get married.. but other than that..

I finally tied the knot! And wow did I ever luck out.. On June 2nd 2007 in sunny Las Vegas, I managed to sucker..er marry the lovely and talented Melissa Gail Perkins. She’s now Melissa Ellis.. hehe.. Though she hasn’t changed her name yet.. =p Can’t say as I blame her either - holy crap that’s a pain in the ass.. (Not the marriage, the name changing..)

Everything was very nice.. And I’m an extremely lucky man.. I love Melissa very much and am tickled to call her my wife.. I very much look forward to spending the rest of my days with this wonderful woman.. (And no she didn’t make me say this.. )

Melissa looked awesome in her dress! We actually went through a lot to keep the dress completely hidden from me until they opened the doors and she walked down the isle. Oh man.. what a stunner! I married a knockout.. how the hell did that happen?! Clearly her taste in men is in question.. heh She just looked fantastic..

I looked like a fat guy in a rented tux.. Or at least that’s how I felt.. It’s interesting that for a woman to look good to a man, its usually take clothing off. But for a man to look good to a woman, it’s the other way around. Unfortunately I don’t think I look all that good either way.. heh Tux or no tux.. We have a lot of photo’s that we need to get sorted and published to the web so everyone can share. Still waiting to get some from the family as I think some of them are holding out..

We even had a video made, but haven’t gotten that yet. Which annoys me somewhat to be honest.. I’m afraid its going to fall off the truck or something..

The reception dinner was very nice.. the food was good, even our cake was good. In fact I’d say it was darn good. I was surprised by that.. We both were completely stuffed by the end of the night - and completely zonked. Our day had started very early (hers earlier than mine) and it was “go go go” all day long. So by the time we finally got done, we were done! Glad I never have to do that again..heh

I must admit though, if I never go to Vegas again it will be too soon. The magic of the place has just gone. In the early 90’s when I first went there it was a very different place. I don’t like where it has gone now. Oh well.