Wow, I hate you!

Published on Jan 11, 2008 Games « Prev Next »

World of Warcraft, I hate you! Okay I don’t actually.. In fact, I think the game play is pretty good. The social aspect is pretty good, the combat is pretty good, raiding can be fun, and it’s a nice mindless game to play with your friends and loved ones.. In fact, just about everything is pretty good.

Except one major detail – the game looks like ass.

But I get ahead of myself. I have played MMO games for a long time, so I have a pretty darn good idea of what a good game is. And just about across the board, World of Warcraft (WoW) has done some very nice things. I think blizzard did a great job in capturing everything that makes a game fun to play. Since my wife has decided to play the game again, that meant I was going to have to play the game too.. (I swear Scott Kurtz has a camera in my house..)

Now there are a lot of people (especially in EVE) that hate WoW just because they need something to hate. They hate everything about it, and when you complain that they are doing something stupid they will tell you to; “Go back to Wow!” Or some such rubbish.. These people are the opposite of fanboi’s in that they hate WoW with a fervor and passion unparalleled (and unexplained.) I’m not one of those folks.

For some reason, however, I have never liked WoW and up until very recently I didn’t know why. I thought the reason was due to the stylistic game play (read: the cartoony nature.) But since I love TFC2 that can’t be the reason – It’s all cartoony. But finally, after much thought and reasoning I have come to the real culprit.

The game just looks terrible. It’s extremely low-poly and frankly, unimpressive. I am not one that usually puts graphics before gameplay, but they have the game play.. Now fix the graphics! Wheels should have more than 5 sides.. I mean seriously, this game looks like it was put together with lego blocks.

I realize its an older game, but so is EVE and they are constantly working on their graphics.. (Trinity = good!)

It really needs an overhaul. At this point it looks extremely dated – sorta like looking at EQ1 now compared to EQ2 or any other game for that matter. WoW is of the EQ1 generation. It’s time for an upgrade.

I realize the game was designed with the lowest common denominator in mind with regards to hardware – and maybe that’s smart and the reason its as popular as it is.. but I personally don’t like it.

Especially considering my game rig.. I have a game machine that can play Crysis at 1680x1050 with ALL the settings maxed and still get 20+ fps. (Try it some time.. If you get more than 10 fps you’re doing good – I still prefer to turn stuff off and play it at lower settings.. anything lower than 40 fps seems laggy to me..) So it seems wasteful to play WoW with all that hardware.. heh..

So that’s it.. That’s my big problem with the game.. It’s too low-poly at this day an age. It just seems klunky. And I’m not keen on the klunk.