World of Warcraft and Error #134

Published on Dec 22, 2008 Randomstrings « Prev Next »

The Blue Mods at the Blizzard World of Warcraft forums asked me to post about my problems so I did… again..  Note; I have posted about this numerous times, and each time it gets buried and unanswered or simply ignored.   I’m sorta getting sick of it.. I mean what the hell kind of customer support is this?  (None is the right answer.)

Since WotLK came out I have been getting #134 errors. I am a software engineer by trade and understand that software is complex and I am more than willing to work with them to fix this.. I just wish they would stop blaming me (and/or my computer) for it.

To date I have noticed two things that I think are important and that bear mentioning;

  1. This only happens to me after I have been playing the game for a couple of hours (memory leak?)
  2. This only happens to me when I am flying either on a flight path or on my own flying mount.

Its always a ReadSectors/DecompressData error.

Things I have tried and it still happened;

a. New Drivers / Old Drivers – I have updated every driver ont he system to the latest and even tried older ones..

b. Higher resolution / Lower resolution – I have tried playing the game from 1680x1050 to 800x600 (this was painful) and it still happened.

c. High graphics / Low graphics – I have played with Max graphics settings (to include forcing AA through my nvidia drivers) and I have played with everything turned down and off.

d. Lots of addons / No addons – I have played the game with all my addons cranked up and going, and no addons.. Questhelper seemed to exacerbate the issue so I have removed it, but I dont think it was the problem as its been gone for a while and its still a problem.

e. Scan Disk and Defrag – at this point my machines harddrive is probably tired of me doing this

f. Deleted the wtf files, cache folder and other various bits – at this point there is nothing left of my install from when I originally had the problem. I have completely moved the install, its in a different place physically on the drive. I continue to do what others suggest via the forum and nothing seems to help.

g. Run the repair tool – I do this every time it happens and it does fix the problem for a time. Note however that its only a temporary fix. It does happen again forcing me to rerun the tool. Sometimes its a quick fix (15 minutes or so) other times it says its “really corrupt” and has to restore from an older version or something.. then update via the patcher. this takes a while and sucks when I’m trying to do a 25man naxx..

Computer information:

Board: EVGA 122-CK-NF68 running the Nvidia nForce 680i SLI SPP chipset

Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core Qx6700 @ 2666 Mhz

Memory: 2048mb (2x1024 DDR2).. I will be upgrading this shortly

Video Card: NVidia 8800 GTX

The machine itself was built by Digital Storm online and I haven’t fiddled with any of the hardware. I don’t overclock or any of that nonsense.

I run the game on a single 24 inch monitor at 1680x1050 32bit

So far all I have gotten is worthless and often conflicting responses..  Not to mention the snarky and rude comments from the various mods that “help”..   Hell at this point the users are actually apologizing for the mods and the lack of help…