Banjo Clock: It's Alive!

Aug 25, 2013

Banjo Clock

I have been lugging around this broken banjo clock for something like 15 years. It’s been in attics, closets, boxes, hidden corners in the garage etc.. Well now its finally on the wall!

My father got this all wood and glass “banjo” clock which does hours, minutes and days, back in the late 70’s and eventually passed it on to me. Unfortunately the clock mechanism died years ago, and I just stuffed it in the garage with the intent of “getting aroudn to fixing it one of these days”. Welp, today was the day. (See, when I say I’ll get around to it.. I mean it!)

I found a similar mechanism online and ordered it.. it arrived yesterday and today I finally fixed this sucker. Lots of dents, dings, grime and crap on the all wood clock body and glass plates but nothing some pledge, windex and elbow greese wouldn’t fix.

The funny thing is, I think dad said it was fairly inexpensive when he got it.. and I honestly don’t know why I have hung on to it for so long other than because it was just something old that I’d rather have fixed than thrown away..