Flip-top Workbench

Aug 13, 2013

Flip Top Workbench

Both of my grandfathers were darn good carpenters, and my father is too though he wont much admit it. Well apparently I do alright myself!

I want a nice shop outside my house that I can disappear into and make stuff, but that’s not really a luxury I can afford at the moment. (Not a money issue, but a space issue… no room for a shop.) So I have to do all my wood working in the garage, and space is extremely limited.

I got it into my head that I could build a small flip-top workbench that I could mount my lathe and scroll saw to, then just flip it to the side I needed. This would save a lot of space but there are no commercially available flip-top work benches that I could find. (Apparently sears used to sell a 3 sided one but its long gone.)

So last sunday I went to the hardware store and got the various pieces I needed to follow through with my plan to build my workbench. 48 hours later I’m pretty far along.

It’s still not complete as you can see in the photos but its close! The fliptop works smooth as butter and once I get the latching system installed it should be quite stable.

I’m very excited.

Additional: I added 5 more images of the now mostly completed workbench. You can clearly see the jet mini lathe mounted to one side, and my dewalt scroll saw mounted to the other. Both have ample room to add more tools tool. (My grinder/sander will be to the left of the lathe and my miter saw will be to the right of the scroll saw..)


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