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Out of time, Site Future Plans, Life Goals, Etc..

Well, it's that time again. Time for me to talk about how I never post any more and how I have no time. Life is super busy, I'm doing too many things, I need to find time..etc..

Feh.. These are all lies. Mostly, I think I'm just really wanting to do something else.. I get into these weird moods where nothing is right and everything looks old/boring..etc. Really this is just an excuse and a sign that something larger is at issue.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to ponder redoing this site.. 'cause that's the kind of brain damaged I am but a lot more is going on.

A couple months ago I sold off my half of my ownership in a software company and honestly, it was past time. In a weird way I'm still coming to terms with it, but mostly because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

When you have worked in software for over twenty years, it's hard to do something else. A clean break seems impossible, but at the same time seems like the only way to move forward.

Grok was great and it was a good experience over all but I want to do my own thing, and I want to do other things. I got into software professionally in the early 1990's and almost did it on a lark. Originally programming was a hobby that was all funzies and joy.. The important lesson I learned was, once you turn a hobby into a career, you lose the hobby and it becomes work.

I'm to the point now that the notion of going back into software as a professional developer (even as an individual contributor instead of management) is completely distasteful. Sure the money is great, but the level of anxiety and sense of misery is palpable. I just can't bring myself to do it.

I still like the idea of writing my own software and doing something very passively that might make money or might not just as an "out" or as something fun to do in my spare time though. Very much back to my original "hobby" status with programming. But professionally? Nope. I think I'm done there.

I've pondered doing some stuff with the airplane build that makes it more of a tutorial site where others can comment and give input on how to build a plane. Sort of a community documentation site. I have to ponder this. But the idea would be to make it so that each step in the plans would be it's own page with a video or documentation on how to do the work. Almost an interactive crowd sourced project where people can talk / discuss and even comment directly on the plans and steps in a virtual space. I have reached out to Scott Risan at Van's Aircraft to see if this is something they would support or veto. No response yet.

I'm going to make a video to my patreons about this and see what they think.

Other things on my list of "shit to do";

I want to redesign the blog But not necessarily a full visual redesign, but more of a "bring it up to currency" with regards to be backend deployment software. It's been ages since I have updated my Jekyll install and I'm STILL using LESS. That needs to be rectified.

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