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Jason Ellis - Resume


Professional Experience

Head of Development – Ambitious Idea Labs - Jan. 2024 through today.

  • Head of development at a revolutionary EMR product designed by/for pediatric SLPs, OTs and
    PTs by delivering tailored, high-quality solutions that enhance their practice and patient outcomes.

    Ambitious Idea Labs is a sister company of Sidekick Therapy Partners.


Sr. Software EngineerSidekick Therapy Partners - Oct. 2020 through today.

  • Support and develop multiple platforms that enable not only teletherapy but also provide for high-quality,
    individualized speech & language, occupational and physical therapists the resources they need to help developing
    children overcome obstacles. 

Law Enforcement Officer / Sheriff DeputyTowns County, GA Sheriffs Department - Mar. 2017 through Jun. 2020

  • Mandated patrol deputy for Towns County

  • Formerly a Jailer for Towns County Jail prior to going to Mandate and becoming a sheriff deputy


CTO / Software EngineerGrok Interactive, LLC - Feb. 2013 through Sep. 2016

  • Grok is a full stack web shop, with engineers specializing in Ruby, Rails, PHP, javascript, and general SAAS development. Formed in 2013 by former teammates, Grok began as a cohesive group with decades of individual experience, and years of experience working together on various teams to launch their products. Our goal is to help agencies, shops and other development firms meet their goals by delivering outstanding software solutions. We Grok the Web!

  • XChangeClub is a revolutionary vacation home exchange program designed by members for members, providing a platform to exchange vacation and rental properties while at the same time providing FREE marketing link to the member’s traditional rental program.

  • Dynasty Owner is a unique way for diehard football fans to enjoy fantasy football. It combines the best aspects of traditional fantasy football with the most addictive and fulfilling aspects of an economic commodity market and sports ownership experience.

  • Codeup - Warp speed to a meaningful career in computer programming in this 9 week intensive bootcamp in downtown San Antonio that is designed to turn non-techies into computer programmers.


Software EngineerLiveoak 360 - Mar. 2011 through Oct. 2012

  • Lead software engineer for a new faith based social network for the Baptist Standard Newspaper.


UI Developer / Architect and Software EngineerIBM Rational Build Forge (aka Buildforge) - Oct. 2005 through Jan. 2011

  • UI team lead and architect for the 2011 UI; an all new rich client side web application using AJAX, CSS, Web Accessibility and Globalization Standards that plugged into a services layer written in Java in order to provide the users with a UI that is windows like in its familiarity as well as being dynamically on demand, scalable, performant and completely customizable to include allowing for users to customize their own work-flows all in order to enhance the user experience.

  • One of only two core developers for the web application half of the flagship build management product Build Forge, charged with the complete redesign from the ground up of the user interface written entirely in highly object oriented PHP during the 2005 to the 2009 time frame.

Contract Web DeveloperHoover’s Inc - Jul. 2005 through Nov. 2005

  • One of eight full time PHP programmers that maintained and developed for an enormous object oriented code base for use in the collection and distribution of data encompassing every aspect of more than 17 million companies world wide.

  • Singularly responsible for the payment delivery system which used PHP to talk to the Verisign API’s in order to receive and process credit card information.


Contract Web DeveloperAustin American Statesman - Feb. 2003 through May. 2005

  • One of a small handful of web developers employed by the major Austin area newspaper to maintain and update content for multiple websites containing tens of thousands of individual HTML pages.

  • The sole developer of a custom multi-channel, cross-site ad delivery scheduling package written entirely in PHP to support the special needs of the Statesman’s infrastructure.


Law Enforcement OfficerLakeway Police Department / Bertram Police Department - Sept. 2002 through Feb. 2005

  • Commissioned Patrol officer for two different municipalities in the Central Texas area.

  • Eventually worked as a reserve officer for Bertram for a while before going back into software.


Senior Web Developer – C3 Communications - Feb. 1999 through Aug. 2000

  • Insured over all webpage design and functionality, as well as compatibility to all legacy software used both in house, and by customers. Complete redesign of both the internet and intranet site using Frontpage and ASP on an IIS NT server farm.

  • Designed and implemented dynamic CGI/PERL scripting for use in real time meter data reading and created time sensitive reports for customers.


Web Developer / AdminAustin Independent School District - Sep. 1998 through Feb. 1999

  • Sole designer of all of AISD’s website needs to include initial design, overall layout and functionality as well as programming needs to meet virtual hosting requirements for schools belonging to AISD.

  • Initial and over all design and administration as well as maintenance and setup of all webservices for AISD.


Sole Proprietor / Software Engineer – Palaquest Internet Solutions and Design - Jun. 1997 through Jan. 2000

  • Contract web design and development for a number of small companies about the Austin area and the world.

  • Creation of the number one digital music meta-crawler on the internet [at the time.] The first of its kind, Palavista was a search engine that searched other engines databases as well as a cache of previous searches and dynamically tailored output to suit the users need. Written entirely in PERL the focus was on providing users with a performant solution that could easily handle the 10k+ unique queries an hour.


Network Administrator / Technical Application Specialist – CTA Incorporated - Jun. 1997 through Sept. 1998

  • Designed and supported all webpages on our servers to include CGI space that was used to fix the Y2K bug.

  • Maintained all aspects of network in an administration role.

Signals Intelligence Analyst – U.S. Army - May 1992 through May 1997

  • Worked to provide rapid data deployment to the top secret internet.

  • SigInt Analyst: Trained as a Signals Intelligence Analyst and a Korean Linguist, which entailed access to top secret information on North and South Korea as well as language training in Korean in order to provide time sensitive analytical reporting on intercepted foreign communications.



  • Languages & Protocols: xHTML, Ruby, PHP, Java, Javascript, JSON, CSS, AJAX, XML, XSLT, DOM, xSSI, ASP, ColdFusion, Delphi, PERL

  • Frameworks: Rails, Zend, Doctrine, Bootstrap

  • IBM Products: Lotus, Jazz, RTC, RAFW, Build Forge

  • Platforms: Any – Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc..

  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook

  • Misc: Modo, Lightwave, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, PageMaker



  • GPSTC: 400+ hours in assorted peace officer training in Georgia.

  • TCLEOSE: 698 hours in assorted peace officer training in Texas.

  • Austin Community College: 12 credit hours in assorted classes.

  • Other College: 10-20 credit hours of assorted classes

  • Military Training: 46 credit hours in assorted classes and language.

Special Skills

I am a calm, considerate problem solver. I am a self taught software engineer and have worked with computers all my life. I am familiar with and have used most major operating systems and have an almost intuitive understanding of all major software packages, as well as having professional experience with most of them.

I enjoy rapid application development and web development. I have been working for years on the internet in one form or another coding all manner of rich web applications using Ajax, PHP, Javascript, Java, JSON, XML, XHTML DOM, ORM, CSS and every other trendy acronym you care to mention.

I have skills ranging from server installation and administration to in depth object oriented development in a myriad of languages, to include creation of special utilities and websites for top secret military projects.

I have experience teaching my computer skills to others and I enjoy a challenge.

Personal Hobbies

I don’t idle well. I can’t sit around and do nothing, as such I’m always doing something; usually making something. I’m an avid woodworker and I enjoy building things. I am always out in my garage puttering and tinkering on building something and also have an active Youtube Channel around my Van’s RV-10 Experimental Aircraft build.

Law Enforcement and Software ?!?

People often wonder how one goes from Software development to Law enforcement, and back, and back again! I get that question a lot. The TL:DR is that after selling my first company I decided to make a radical career change in order to recapture some of that camaraderie that I was missing from the military and encourage a buddy of mine that was getting out of the Army at the time to go too. I found a brotherhood of like minded individuals who did a hard job that was rewarding but in the long run due to a very hostile work environment (the department itself) I had to make a change. I went back into software and spun up a couple companies before burning out completely. I went back to law enforcement again just as something to do but at this point I'm done working patrol forever. Feel free to ask I can go into this further.

Jason Ellis
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